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Moderator: Lolitta
- The minimum Bounty reward is 500 coins.

- Please limit Bounty requests to ONE design per request. When requesting a pattern, please remember that accurate titles are important. Give as much information as possible. Please do a search before posting a Bounty to make sure that the pattern you are looking for is not already on the site.

- More than one bounty request for the same design is allowed.
- Do not claim a Bounty unless you have posted the design yourself. Do not post a link unless you posted the requested pattern.

- Please do not reply to your own Bounty with the aim to bump it up. Repetitive replies and comments by all members will be removed.

- Do not upload attachments into the Bounty section as a reply. If you want to answer a Bounty request, post the design in the appropriate section.  Then copy and paste the link immediately to the Bounty you wish to solve.
- The author chooses the Set as Best Answer button to reward the poster of the pattern.

This is the Bounty Forum Process:

1.  When a bounty request is made the moderator will check that the request is in compliance with the forum rules.

2.  The moderator checks all new answers to each bounty

3.  If a member has the requested pattern, they must upload the design in the relevant forum area then post a link in the Bounty area as a reply. Information about how to post a pattern is here:


4.  Once a link has been posted as a reply to a bounty request the moderator will contact the author of the thread.

5.  If the author of the request has not replied after a reasonable amount of time,  the poster of the design will be rewarded and the bounty thread deleted.

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