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Post time: 2017-3-12 00:54
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Good Afternoon,

I am fairly new to the Forum and I have tried unsuccesfully, to confirm my email address to 3 seperate email addresses, for Six consecutive days now. My problem is not requesting that the system send the "verification link" out to me, as I've successfully received the pop-up message confirming the emails have been sent, each and every time. My problem is, that the email never reaches me. Upon each request, to each address, I have checked my primary inbox, my promotions inbox, my social networks inbox, my spam folder, and when those failed to contain the requested email, I performed a search of all of mail folders across the board , which still showed no email had been received from your system.

I have also reached out to other members (more specifically "Apolline" and "MDF" who had posted a help thread in, Forum > Communication Area > My Problem, on March 8th which yielded no successful help resolving this problem.

I kindly ask that you advise what, if anything, I/we can do to assist in completing this awaiting task and updating our profile. Should I/we, have posted our request for technical help in the incorrect Forum, I do sincerely apologize, and ask that you also please advise of the correct Forum to post in, for any future help I/we may need.

Thank you ever so kindly in advance, for any help that you may be able to offer!

Kindest Regards,
Member: Teagan's Mommom

Add post (2017-3-31 12:55):
anyone else out there, experiencing the same problem, please do not hesitate to PM me if your able, or reply via this thread, and I will be more than happy to help you! Kind Regards, Teagan's Mommom

Add post (2017-3-31 12:56):
03.31.17. UPDATE:  Since posting, I have been able to resolve this problem on my own. I would like to thank each member who viewed my thread, in efforts to assist, it is MOST APPRECIATED! If there is


Solved/Old topic  Post time 2017-5-3 08:54
Post time: 2017-3-12 01:49
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Also having the same issue. Forgot my password followed the relevant steps, but no reset email received. Attempted to sign up with another email address and no verification email received either.
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 Author| Post time: 2017-3-12 02:04
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It seems to be catching. I will definitely keep you in the loop if, ...IF... I get any helpful reply on how to fix our ever growing email problem.  
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Post time: 2017-3-14 00:54
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I hope it will be fixed soon !
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Post time: 2017-3-31 23:16
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To be honest I don't see what the big issue is with having the verification email? I've never been able to have mine verified and it really has not limited my ability to share, earn coins or advance through the levels. I do realize that if I do lose my password that I would probably lose my account, however that is why I have used a password program for the last 10 years. With all the sites I visit and things I do online, it would be impossible for me to remember all the different passwords and honestly it is safer to have the ability to generate secure passwords without fear of losing them all the time.
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 Author| Post time: 2017-4-1 01:09
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Edited by TeagansMommom at 2017-3-31 12:23


[size=31.7562px]It is not an issue with being able to succesfully participate in the forum, nor does it hinder my ability to amass gold coins or progress to upper levels. It is however, a matter of principle, of which I (we) reached out for help numerous times and despite the fact that a total of 184 combined members viewed the thread, not one reply was received. Now, I understand that not everyone would know the solution to my (our) problem, and I certainly applaud them for at least looking, in efforts to assist. In fact, it was a given that members were more than likely unable to help, as this is obviously an internal programming problem. Hence my thread title "MODERATOR HELP PLEASE." Emphasis on the "moderator!" With respect to my password, I can assure you, that I have no issue retaining the same nor am I concerned with the nature of its security.

[size=31.7562px]Now with that said, I appreciate your words of wisdom and that you took time out of your day to offer such, but I have since solved the problem of my own accord and have reached out to the other members  with instructions on how to succesfully verify theirs also.

[size=31.7562px]Best wishes.


Hi Lucy, I do very much appreciate your help, however at this point I have solved the problem on my own. But, perhaps Turquoise would be able to assist the other members having the same issue. I have  Post time 2017-4-1 07:19
reached out, and offered help to those I am aware of, but I believe this problem may be more widespread than just the 3 of us referenced in my original 3.11.17 Help Thread. Thanks again! Kind Regards!  Post time 2017-4-1 07:18
Try directing your message to Turquoise - she is a helpful mod.  Post time 2017-4-1 06:20
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Post time: 2017-4-1 01:25
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merci beaucoup
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Post time: 2017-4-4 15:10
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I have the same problem, I lost the previous account because someone stole my account and changed my password and I could not retrieve it. It's not the coins that worries me, they're all the favorites I had saved


Wow.... That's Horrible Libe, I'm so sorry to hear, that someone did that to you! It never ceases to amaze me, the lows to which some people will go, for self promotion. And for what, craft patterns a  Details Reply Post time 2017-4-5 02:48
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 Author| Post time: 2017-4-5 02:48
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2017-4-4 02:10

I have the same problem, I lost the previous account because someone stole my account and changed my ...

Wow.... That's Horrible Libe, I'm so sorry to hear, that someone did that to you! It never ceases to amaze me, the lows to which some people will go, for self promotion. And for what, craft patterns and instructional tutorials, I mean really...come on!!

Out of curiosity, have you tried reaching out to a moderator for help? While I've never had the pleasure, I've heard nothing but good about Turquoise, everyone says she's extremely nice, and very helpful! And it certainly can't hurt to post a help request addressed directly to her, in the "My Problem" section. Sadly at this point, you've lost everything due to someone else's self-absorbancy, so there's really nothing to lose by trying.

It would seem to me, that there has to be some way of proving, that you're the "rightful owner" and/or "original member", who opened the account. Maybe by verifying personal information that you supplied when you 1st joined, or perhaps by verifying pictures of the work you shared in a diary thread (if you in fact did, post a diary(ies) at some point), certainly this other individual can't produce pictures of your work as counter proof. You could maybe even re-photograph your previously posted work and submit the same to the moderators via email or hidden attachment to a thread, and they in turn could compare those photographs to the work you posted in your original diary(ies) for confirmation.

Another thought is that, the "Impostor's IP Address" that he/she currently uses to log in to your account, is going to differ from the "IP Address" that you used when you originally joined. So if the moderators were to look back at the "Original IP" (yours), and compare it to the "Current IP" (the Imposter's) that's  logging in to the account currently, they would see that the 2 addresses do not match. I would think, that this would raise a Red Flag and be just cause, to further look in to it. But this is just my opinion, I certainly can not speak for the moderators!

But then again the sad part is, who's to say that, after you've fought tooth and nail to get your account back, there's a real possibility that this other person has completely wiped clean, everything you had saved, bookmarked, favorited,  etc, and customize it to their wants, likes and needs. And if so, I suppose you've no choice but to start all over again, but at least you get your hours, credits, diamonds (or what's left of them) back. But regardless, it's a matter of principle, and right from wrong. And as far as I'm concerned, if I were in your shoes, I'd want to see to it that, this individual was not only confronted and reprimanded, but "permanently banned" with no chance of ever opening a legitimate account.

Well, in closing I shall say, if you should decide that you really just don't want to persue it, you simply want to cut your loses and move on, I wish you luck in doing the same! If you are in fact, having a problem activating/verifying your email address on this new account, please don't hesitate to reach out to me via PM (if you have permissions to do that), or simply reply back to me here on this thread, and I will be more than happy to walk you through how it's done! And the same applies, if you have any questions about what I've rambled on and on about here in my reply to you!  ; )

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards,
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