HAED - a moment in time - finished 03-06-2010

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I'm making 'a moment in time' - this is a Haeven and Earth Design. I'm making it for my 3 year old son. The little man in my work looks a lot like him when he was younger. There are 254.100 stitches. The fabric I use is 25 count. It's the first time I work with this fabric and I LOVE it. Size: W 350 x H 726. Finished design size: 35 cm x 72,6 cm. I work with 1 thread and there are 90 colours. I started in February.

This is how it looks.

This is how far I was at the begin of November. I made about 138.200 stitches.

Update 09-12-09 - I still love working on this little man. I made, in total, about 153.300 stitches.

Update 09-01-10 - Now I made, in total, about 171.600 stitches. There was a lot of kreinik this time. I find it difficult to work with kreinik, but that went very well this time.

New update 06-02-2010 - I made 15.000 stitches. In total I made about 186.550. I still love working on my 'little man'.

New update 14-04-2010: I stitched about 220.000 stitches in total. I'm starting the last row of the pattern. That's 4,5 pages.

Update 03-06-2010 I finished my project. It was fun working on this project.