Finishing Instructions for Blackbird Designs Stockings

Taken from The Twisted Stitcher Tutorials

STEP ONE:Makea template of the stocking from the provided template in any of theStocking Pattern Booklets. Use the template and cut out one piece offusible interfacing and one reversed.
*WhatI do is place the fusible interfacing directly on the page, I use apencil and draw around it, cut it out and then flip it so that the toepoints the other direction (this is because you'll need an opposite forthe backing fabric) trace around it with a pencil and cut it out. Makesure that you do this on the same side of the interfacing...REMEMBERone side of the interfacing has glue on it and this is the side you'lliron to your stocking front and back. (HINT: Usually the glue side isshiny.)

Center one piece of the fusibleinterfacing on the reverse side of the stocking. Match the toe, heeland top of the stocking to the template. Iron the Fusible interfacingin place. Cut out the stitched piece adding a 1/4" seam allowance.Leave a 1/2" seam allowance at the top of the stocking. Repeat the above process for the backing fabric.

*What I use for my backing fabric is the same linen I stitched on. BBD uses complimentary sewing material.

Finger press the seams to the wrongside on both the stocking front and back. Lightly press. Pin thestocking together front to the back; wrong sides together. Use acoordinating thread and whip stitch the stocking together. Fold the1/2" seam allowance at the top to the inside of the stocking.

*Ialso, clip my fabric at all the curves, so I can achieve those lovelycurves in the stocking, then I finger press and press with my iron as Igo, making the curves - I do this for both pieces. Then once all thecurves have been clipped and the seam allowances pressed, I press theentire stocking really good one last time before sewing together. AfterI turn the top seam allowance into the stocking, I press the top tomake it all straight and flat.
EDITED to anwer some questions:No,I do not sew down the folded top seam allowance. It is 1/2 inch longand that is long enough to fold over into the stocking, iron it and itstays in perfectly. Plus when you sew the hanger on...that holds it intoo. The instructions that BBD wrote and the added hints that I giveare exactly how I finished mine to achieve the look. If its not in the instructions, then I did not do it.

To make the stocking hanger, usebeading thread and needle; string the beads together until you have a6" length. Tie off and stitch the hanger to the stocking.

*I didn't use the called for beads, I went to Michael's Craft Store and purchased seed beadsin their jewelry making section. Doing this allows me both instantaccess and I can choose colors to match my stockings. There are lots ofcolors available.

FINISHED and ready to decorate your home!