Art Deco Bugs Bunny WBH9

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Hi everyone, this is my first project posted here. I have enjoyed looking through what others have done or are working on!

Kit: WBH9 Art Deco Bugs Bunny by Designer Stitches (Limited Edition, discontinued)
Fabric: 16ct Cream Aida
Threads: DMC
Stitch Count: 151 x 218
Began: 11th Dec 2009

This is my latest work in progress that I've been eyeing up for a while now. I hope it could look quite good framed in my (one day) home theatre room.

It hasn't been totally straightforward. The kit being quite old had aida which was so badly creased that I just bought new aida to use instead. My kit also has a misprinted chart, missing some symbols in squares where there are definitely stitches. Thankfully I could figure out the missing stitches from the kit cover photo.

Even using the larger side bars for my frame there is still not quite enough stitching area (only by about 10 rows top and bottom) so I will have to roll it up and down which I obviously prefer not to. Will do the very top and bottom last to minimise the stitch squashing if I can.

Dec 15th: This is the first photo I have:

Dec 20th: I've got some of the more "interesting" part done of Bugs in the middle but will leave the huge amount of backstitch to the very end. Next will be the (half stitched) background...

Dec 24th: Background half stitches complete, "just" the huge border and backstitching left...

Dec 31st: Nearly finished the black part of the border, silver thread fill is next then backstitching...

Jan 13th. Yay, finished! Was slow going to finish between getting the flu and struggling with the DMC metallic threads until the Thread Heaven arrived anyways. And soooo much backstitch. Still, delighted with the end result...

A close up for fun