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How to Level Up and How to Keep Track

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Post time: 2015-10-11 23:43
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Edited by anniekins at 2017-8-8 03:50

First and foremost, WELCOME!

You are in the right place and you will find many fabulous forums here, from cross stitching to knitting to cooking to travel to quilting. There are so many great threads and downloads and opportunities to find patterns and charts that you've searched for forever without success. You'll find very friendly members and extremely helpful moderators who are on the site and happy to assist you.

This is a huge site with many forums and countless threads. It is easy to get confused and frantic when you are unable to locate what you need. And it is very frustrating to not be able to download what you want after you've spent so much time searching.

As you're probably aware by now, posters are categorized into "LEVELS." You may be a "LEVEL 0" or you may have moved to "LEVEL 1" and you're eager to zip through to the next levels.

If you are brand new and confused, this forum is an excellent start for you.

The first thing you want to do is familiarize yourself with the site. Try to calm yourself enough to understand where things are and how to navigate the site. This will eliminate a lot of your frustration when you cannot locate a chart or a pattern or a magazine. It will also eliminate the need for so many threads asking the same questions: "How do I find my points?" "How do I reach the next level?" "How do I earn coins?"

You will be more confident going into a forum because you will already know what you need to get what you want and you'll understand how to do those things that will get you what you want.

Let's clarify "terms" because using incorrect terms creates confusion.

" Points / Money" and "Gold Coins" do not mean the same thing. "Money" is the Point System and "Gold Coins" is "currency." Your Points / Money is what will advance you through levels.

  • You'll earn points at what you will consider to be a slow rate. It isn't. The more time you spend on the site, the better your chances are to advance.
  • The more active you are, the better your chances are to advance. Sharing charts, posting threads and responding to threads and diaries are key to advancement.
  • Showing your completed work in the diary section will help you to advance and commenting on the works of others will as well. This is a win / win for you because when you start a diary or comment on another poster's diary, you are interacting with other members which will make it easier for you to respond and reply to threads with meaning. Spam responses are not allowed so when you thank a poster, say it with meaning.

Before you upload charts or patterns or magazines or books, MAKE CERTAIN YOU READ EACH FORUM'S DIRECTIVE ON HOW TO FORMAT YOUR POSTS. This is VERY IMPORTANT.

Take the time to read how that forum wants you to format your thread titles. If you do it incorrectly, this causes a delay in your thread being moderated and approved. The longer the delay, the longer you do not have points and coins. You want to make it simple for your threads to be moderated. Take a minute and find out how to do it correctly.

Search to make sure your upload hasn't already been posted. You don't want to spend a lot of time uploading only to have your thread recycled because it is a duplicate. If your thread is recycled because it is a duplicate, you will lose those points and coins. This will make you very sad so make sure to search. Search using KEYWORDS and search both UPPER CASE and lower case and search by the designer name as well. It sounds like a lot of work, I know, but do you want your thread recycled?

Make sure you've uploaded all parts of the attachment. Make sure the attachments are legible and easily read. Make sure you are uploading something you would download. If the attachments are unacceptable, you may be asked to upload again or the thread could be recycled. Take the time to be sure because you don't want your threads recycled. Again, you lose the points you gained in that thread.

Of course the staff and other members will help you when you are confused. But you need to understand the basics and how to locate this information.

Each user level has different permissions and those permissions increase as you advance. And the way to advance is to share those charts, respond meaningfully to threads and diaries, post your own diaries, BEING ACTIVE ON THE SITE and SHARING is what will make advancement not only easier and faster but more fun for you. Sitting around worrying about how little points you have is not productive. Jumping in and sharing and interacting is meaningful and will make you feel good and in addition, you advance!

At the top of the page to the far right, you'll see you avatar. To the left of that you'll see "User Group:"

(Level 0, Level 3, etc ... click on that)

You'll be taken HERE. Take a look around this page. You'll see your user group, your points and your permissions. Click on "My Permissions" and the other categories.

This will help you to understand where you are and what you can do at your level.

Next, hover the cursor (your mouse) over  "Recommended User Group" and a drop-down list will appear from "Beggar" to "Level 9."

You can move your cursor down this list and select the Level you would like to view. When you click on that selection, the page will then give you a comparison of your current Level and the Level that you selected.

It will also give you the number of points needed to get to that Level. If you are at Level 2 and would like to get to Level 4, the comparison chart will show you that you need 526 points to get to Level 4.

Level 1 - 26 points

Level 2 - 126 points

Level 3 - 326 points

Level 4 - 526 points

Level 5 - 826 points

Level 6 - 1260 points

Level 7 - 2260 points

Level 8 - 5260 points

Level 9 - 12600 points

Additional ways to advance:

Promotion - Bring your friends! Click on My Settings (top of the page next to your name) then click on "promotion" on the left-hand side at the bottom of the list. Once there, click "copy link" and use it in e-mails to your friends.

You're rewarded if your friends visit the site through the links that you provide to them and you're rewarded even more if your friends sign up.

My suggestion is to do what's fun: read the threads, chat in Free Talk, admire other member's completed diaries, SHARE SHARE SHARE SHARE charts and patterns and books, tell posters you appreciate their uploads and believe it or not, you WILL advance and it will happen faster when you are NOT looking every second.

Remember, a watched pot never boils!

Good luck and have lots of fun here!!

This post contains more resources

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I'm so sorry, I still don't understand how to become a DIY.1 .  It looks like i qualify, but I honestly can't tell.  I keep reading the posts, but I may be confused?  Can anyone lead me in the right direction?
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It seems like it takes a long time. I've gone out of my way to be more active than I would otherwise and I only have 5 credits. You need 126 to get to level 2, which is what is necessary to download the pattern that I want!
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Post time: 2018-5-21 22:55
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I have a lot of cross stitch charts I want to share. I still don't know how to do that. The points and the coins are still confusing. I am not good with computers and the system is too difficult for me. I am good at crossstitching. So please remove my account. I lived happily before I discoverd Pindiy and I am sure I'll survive without it.
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I'm new here and even after reading everything I could find on rules and how to's I'm still very confused as I suppose most new members are. I will continue to try to learn how to earn and build up my levels and enjoy a multitude of patterrns, etc. that have been so kindly shared. I also hope to make some new friends on here also.
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mommom 2017-5-25 08:15
I'm new here and even after reading everything I could find on rules and how to's I'm still very con ...

it seems to that it takes forever , nothing i can find in forums that can ring my bell , share please what interesting you do find here , thank you !
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Thank you for reminding us.
But I have a problem.
Yesterday my grade was DIY.2, but today I am DIY.1.
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Thank you so much! This really helps.  A very good explanation.
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thanks for sharing
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Post time: 2015-10-12 01:38
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Thank you for posting this info. Now the levels are really clear!
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Post time: 2015-10-12 01:42
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merci pour tous ses renseignements
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Post time: 2015-10-12 02:30
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I did not understand the difference between points and coins, now I get it better!
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It's easy to understand and quite helpful.
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Thanks for this throughout explanation!
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It is very helpful information, thank you very much!
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