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Result: Found 7 thread(s) related to "earn points"

  • My work as a test to learn the new points

    84 Replies - 1617 Visit

    this is my embroidery that I'm making for the embroidery course, since I can not find the old thread I put a new hope will not mind

    2013-3-6 01:31 - mammamonica - Stitch Diary

  • Points Formula - How to Earn Points

    33 Replies - 2954 Visit

    I saw several people asking in various places about how to earn points. They are a little more complicated than gold coins. You need points to gain a higher user group and permissions. It is explai ...

    2017-4-26 07:51 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Earning points

    3 Replies - 248 Visit

    Hello! Forgive me, I am new here. I figured out how to earn gold coins (besides paying in cash like I did in the beginning), but now that the daily points are gone, how can I earn points? I stay on al ...

    2021-2-19 14:34 - roedhunt - Recycled-Checked

  • Does Uploading Patterns Earn Points?

    10 Replies - 313 Visit

    It's me again, lol. I have more questions. If we upload patterns do we earn points? Do the patterns HAVE to be requests from the Bounty area? Of course I would do a search as well to make sure I don't ...

    2020-1-17 06:17 - FreeBird777 - Recycled-Checked

  • Earning points from Uploads

    9 Replies - 166 Visit

    I have a question... When you upload an item, if someone downloads, are you supposed to get some points from it? I uploaded something yesterday, I received the +20 for the upload, but since then onl ...

    2019-1-6 02:48 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Earning Points

    3 Replies - 224 Visit

    Is there a faster way to earn credits. This seems to be taking forever.

    2018-8-15 03:49 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • New Member-how to earn points?

    16 Replies - 423 Visit

    having trouble getting coins, any suggestions??

    2016-5-2 18:49 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

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