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  • Why can’t I see answers in the Bounty Area?

    2 Replies - 38 Visit

    I was looking for a pattern a long time ago. Sometimes I get a message in “My Notices” that answers have been written. Why can’t I read them? It means - Replies visible to author only Best r ...

    2022-9-20 12:21 - Tinka - Free Talk

  • Seção de recompensas – Bounty area (Brazilian Portuguese)

    15 Replies - 1703 Visit

    A seção de recompensas é onde você solicita receitas que ainda não tenham no fórum oferecendo uma quantidade de moedas como recompensa para quem postar a receita no fórum, ou recebe recompensas ...

    2018-2-16 14:37 - arnold98 - Forum Bulletin

  • Bounty area problem

    4 Replies - 214 Visit

    Hello, I started a bounty for a book and I have some answers on the post, but I can't see them because it says replies visible to author only and I am the author, what's the problem and how can I acce ...

    2021-10-27 13:29 - Constoush - Recycled

  • Bounty area suggestion

    8 Replies - 131 Visit

    I have a suggestion for bounty area. I saw someone asked why the site takes your golden coins when you post bounty. Someone replied it is to make sure the uploader receives his bounty. This is very co ...

    2021-9-26 20:52 - vicky12345 - Recycled

  • About bounty area - can't see the replies

    4 Replies - 42 Visit

    hi, i am new here and i'm still learning how to use the site. i posted a pattern in ”bounty area”. some people replied, but i can't see the replies. why is that? can anyone help me? another questio ...

    2021-9-24 13:35 - vicky12345 - Recycled

  • Remarking in the Bounty area

    5 Replies - 109 Visit

    Hello, I don't understand why the remarks left in the Bounty Area are visible to "author only'. Then why allow people the leave a reply? Remarking in the bounty is no different than remarking in the ...

    2021-4-25 19:08 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Bounty area

    4 Replies - 284 Visit

    How do I access the bounty area.........and hidden threads Thankyou

    2021-4-8 13:19 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Can't see the answers I've got in bounty area

    2 Replies - 20 Visit

    Hello! Can you please help me? I created 3 themes with the patterns which I would like to find, but I can't see the answers I've got there. What should I need to do?

    2020-11-9 10:24 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Bounty area's not up to date

    12 Replies - 313 Visit

    UPDATE, meanwhile Lolitta have helped me so I can get send solved bounties again!! Thank you all to help for this problem I Still cannot send links (have no permission?) --> but I can help again :-) T ...

    2020-8-12 00:29 - Hakemieke - Recycled-Checked

  • Can I post anonymously in Bounty area?

    2 Replies - 132 Visit

    Looking for this, but I don't want the designer coming after me.

    2019-11-3 17:33 - aries - Recycled-Checked

  • Reply to Bounty Area

    4 Replies - 213 Visit

    Hi, where can I find step by step tutorial on how to reply a request in Bounty Area? I see that I can help with some of the request for cross stitch charts. Thank you.

    2019-9-27 05:00 - sakurakenji - Recycled-Checked

  • I can't put an image cover on my post in bounty area..

    2 Replies - 118 Visit

    Hi! I can't find the answer I'm looking for, so I thougt asking for help .. I posted in the bounty area and I would like to know why I'm not able to put an image on the cover of the post?.. For some r ...

    2019-9-15 20:13 - Mme004 - Recycled-Checked

  • Bounty Area Question

    12 Replies - 190 Visit

    Hi! I was looking in the Bounty area and found that I could participate with some of the wanted patterns. But how do I know if the pattern has already been uploaded? I searched for them first and coul ...

    2019-9-8 20:08 - maasaan - Recycled-Checked

  • Saving patterns from the bounty area

    6 Replies - 197 Visit

    Hello! Is there a way we can "subscribe" to a thread in the bounty area so that we get a notification if he pattern is finally uploaded? Thanks!

    2019-5-5 17:02 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • bounty area help

    5 Replies - 297 Visit

    I'm looking through the bounty area and I think I may be able to help a few people find what they want but how do I know if the desired items have been found or not? When I click on the pic there will ...

    2019-1-26 06:25 - tcontur75 - Recycled-Checked

  • Bounty Area Help!!

    5 Replies - 149 Visit

    Please help I would like to know why I can not read comments on the Bounty Area forum. I am looking for a picture and I can not read what is written in the commentary. I only get the message Replies v ...

    2019-1-30 11:26 - bubab - Recycled-Checked

  • help for bounty area

    3 Replies - 159 Visit

    why I can not read the answers of my personal research in bouty area ? thank for you answers

    2019-1-15 08:26 - siri1994 - Recycled-Checked

  • Post deleted from bounty area without pattern

    0 Replies - 101 Visit

    My last post was recycled from bounty area without pattern with a pattern for a different angel so I'm going to ask here does anyone no the designer and where to find a pattern for this angel? I no th ...

    2018-11-15 03:46 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • bounty area problem

    4 Replies - 166 Visit

    i can't see the reply of my post and other also in section bounty aera i have this message replie visible to author only why?

    2018-7-10 10:00 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Bounty area taking coins???

    5 Replies - 259 Visit

    Hi, I posted a bounty request with a reward of 500 coins, but then I get -630 coins?? Why??

    2018-4-29 02:38 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • I uploaded a pattern that was requested in the bounty area

    5 Replies - 395 Visit

    I uploaded a pattern that was requested in the bounty area. I chose "I answered" and put the link to the pattern (it was waiting moderation at the time). I have not received the "bounty" which was 5 ...

    2017-7-8 05:57 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Uploader a PM in bounty area

    1 Replies - 728 Visit

    Отредактировано: tanyak, 2017-5-14 18:11 Hi! How can I send uploader a PM in bounty area? This is a small pattern of Thea Gouverneur, but I didn't do it myself. I just want to ask for ...

    2017-5-14 11:07 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • I am lost in Bounty Area

    2 Replies - 239 Visit

    Hello, Could it be possible to indicate in the "Bounty Area" section, for each search, the word "solved" when they were found? It would be easier to know what remains to be found. Thank you very much ...

    2016-11-20 09:02 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • How to delete registered post to the Bounty Area?

    1 Replies - 225 Visit

    How to delete registered post to the Bounty Area?

    2016-6-20 02:10 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Bounty Area

    2 Replies - 229 Visit

    I cannot remember .. what is the Bounty Area for ??

    2016-3-15 20:31 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • reward and bounty area

    6 Replies - 453 Visit

    I uploaded a pattern that was in the reward section. It was worth 500 coins. My pattern was approved and many have downloaded it. I was very glad to be able to share from my stash. I don't under ...

    2016-2-2 01:53 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

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