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  • How to download a file

    266 Replies - 14628 Visit

    If you're a new user, this is for you: You need to have enough coins to buy an attachment.

    2018-1-5 23:57 - leopard danio - Forum Bulletin

  • Points for downloads

    8 Replies - 104 Visit

    Hi Is it logical that I get less points than what I requested for each section of a pattern that people download from me?? (as I see in the "my credits" section in my "settings" ---->"points")

    2024-1-29 22:44 - goolit - Free Talk

  • Paid for pattern and is seen in iBooks but can't download

    10 Replies - 100 Visit

    I paid for this pattern and can see the deduction in the log, the pattern is seen in iBooks but it's been recycled. Will the coins be refunded since the file is not able to be downloaded? www.pindiy ...

    2024-1-28 15:49 - LoLo23 - Free Talk

  • Knitting 20th Century Art Downloads ebook by Deborah Tomasello-Free

    48 Replies - 414 Visit

    2022-4-7 00:48 - Anonymous - Knitting Section

  • Dress Burda Download−Schnitt Model 122 Burda Style 01/2018 Russian description

    63 Replies - 1645 Visit

    Printable A4 pdf pattern. Please check your printer settings and print page #44 with test square before printing all pattern!

    2020-12-21 21:16 - Anonymous - Sewing / Tailoring, Home Decoration Resources|Magazines

  • Question about downloads

    2 Replies - 136 Visit

    Good morning everyone! I have a question.. Do we get charged the 30 coin download "tax" if you download something you have previously downloaded (and paid for)? I'm just curious because sometimes I a ...

    2020-8-5 21:47 - Sadiebelle - Recycled-Checked

  • Problem with .rar downloads

    6 Replies - 72 Visit

    Hello! I have bought a few rar documents, but I can not unpack the, they are empty. can you recommend a program for apple computers to unpack? I can normally unpack Zip Folders without problems ..

    2024-1-18 01:19 - Restlesserin - Free Talk

  • Sewing patterns aren't showing up in my iBooks / "download again" section

    6 Replies - 90 Visit

    All of the sewing patterns I've downloaded do not show up in my iBooks section, and there's not a Sewing tab in the sidebar. Is this something that will be implemented in the future? I would love to b ...

    2024-1-6 12:15 - MissPriss - Recycled

  • Top download grape

    40 Replies - 636 Visit

    Top down grape

    2019-2-13 00:02 - rose26ricluiz - Knitting Diary

  • Download functionality is a bit tricky...

    6 Replies - 169 Visit

    Hi all, I'm quite new, and I've realised that, when you're trying to download an attachment, the link prompts to http instead of https, creating a cross origing conflict that the browser can't solve, ...

    2023-9-6 21:37 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Error message when trying to download, help please.

    8 Replies - 186 Visit

    Hi there, I've bought some patterns this morning but I'm not able to download them. I have this message : "Sorry, you are not allowed to download this attachment", I've all is needed to download, have ...

    2023-12-10 19:33 - edmee - Recycled

  • If you are using Chrome and have problems downloading files: Possible solution

    28 Replies - 1875 Visit

    This is a Chrome browser issue, here is 2 solutions: 1 - Keep in mind this fix is a bit dangerous, because it turns off all protection from dangerous site. 1. Open Chrome and click the three-dot me ...

    2020-12-2 17:23 - pitussa - Recycled-Checked

  • How to download patterns on others bounty post (?)

    4 Replies - 140 Visit

    hello, sorry for the dumb question but im new here and i saw the pattern that i want but it's a bounty post and i cant see the replies TT idk how to get the pattern, do i need to post a bounty to get ...

    2023-11-20 10:18 - starwon - Recycled

  • wo ist mein download - Where can I find the file I purchased?

    12 Replies - 217 Visit

    liebe leute, ich hoffe, dass ich hier richtig bin und mir jemand weiterhelfen kann. Ich habe GC gespart, damit ich endlich meinen Favoriten runterladen kann. Hab ich auch abgezogen bekommen, 250 GC. A ...

    2023-10-16 20:28 - Miss.vieh - Recycled

  • Downloaded files are empty

    6 Replies - 145 Visit

    I just downloaded 3 files for a quilt magazine that had three parts at -30, -30 and -30 + 50 gold coins. I found the files on my computer but all 3 were empty. What do I do now?

    2023-10-13 23:43 - KDH - Recycled

  • You have not enough Gold Coins, unable to download.

    0 Replies - 101 Visit

    Zyydh Sorry, you are not allowed to post thread in this forum, please

    2023-10-9 11:11 - Alicia Paex - Recycled-Checked

  • Trouble accessing site and no downloads allowed?

    5 Replies - 210 Visit

    I live in Canada and haven't been able to access the site. It gives me the error below: "Hmmm. can't reach this page, Check if there is a type in" I used a onion VPN to see if I cou ...

    2023-8-16 09:20 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Problem downloading a pattern

    5 Replies - 219 Visit

    Hi! How are you all here? I need a little help with a pattern that I want to download but I can't. Every time I try to click on the link to buy the pattern it says "Sorry, only specified members can ...

    2023-8-15 13:41 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Can’t download any pattern :( Help !

    5 Replies - 100 Visit

    Does anybody know the reason why I am probably not being able to download patterns ? It says I don’t have enough coins when I press the "Buy attachments" button, but I do have enough gold coins for w ...

    2023-6-30 19:11 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Downloading app

    2 Replies - 350 Visit

    I have a task available and it's for. Downloading the pindiy app. When i select the link it gives an error and doesn't work. How can I fimd the app? I searched the Google play store but no luck Thanks ...

    2023-6-9 11:28 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • click to "buy",show "loading"。Can't load,can not download。why?Does anyone know

    14 Replies - 393 Visit

    click to "buy",show "loading"。Can't load,can not download。why?Does anyone know

    2023-4-15 16:36 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • The Solution to download and pop-up problems

    57 Replies - 2127 Visit

    To the left of the web address, click on the padlock then site settings. Change the permission settings to ALLOW to: - images - pop-up and directions - background sync - protected content IDs - ...

    2023-4-13 23:58 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Can't seem to download pattern

    2 Replies - 158 Visit

    OKAY- so this is a problem only with firefox - DOES anyone knows how to fix this?? Hi! I've tried to buy and download two patterns today I've clicked on the paying button, and then when I click to ...

    2023-4-28 01:38 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • I cannot re-download a purchased pattern

    2 Replies - 148 Visit

    Some time ago I bought the Jonte pattern from CaroCreated. In the meantime, my computer crashed and I lost all my patterns that I had. When I tried to download the Jonte pattern again, I got thethis ...

    2023-4-27 20:47 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Good News-Download work again

    5 Replies - 156 Visit

    Download works without any Problems today after payment- press F5 (refresh the page ) clic on the file again and the download starts automatically

    2023-4-24 17:26 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Found solution on mobile device to download problem

    13 Replies - 689 Visit

    This worked in both Safari and Firefox. Since you cannot right click in a mobile device, just hold on the Buy button until a dialog box opens. Choose "open in new tab". Go to the new tab where you ...

    2023-4-14 01:34 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • please help -I can not download

    10 Replies - 371 Visit

    ello everyone , does anyone else have difficulties, i can't download, i can't send greetings, what am i doing wrong? I ask for help Thank you very much

    2023-4-16 18:26 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • UnDownload

    3 Replies - 23 Visit

    Hi I'm trying for the last two days to buy this: Hand Embroidery Dictionary - Christen Brown It opens a small window which says "Loading" all day long.. All the rest is downloaded OK Moderators, Is so ...

    2023-4-19 03:25 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Downloading

    2 Replies - 182 Visit

    Is this normal or do you pay more for a pattern i have a tablet and can only download this way Before you pay only the pattern cost?

    2023-4-18 04:40 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Blank files in download

    6 Replies - 217 Visit

    Hello, newbie here. I paid for and downloaded this file called: What to Read? by Irina Neskorodeeva (I can't post the link because I don't have permission - is that a newbie thing?) When I open t ...

    2023-4-17 01:03 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Not able to download

    3 Replies - 31 Visit

    Is anyone having issues downloading? It's been 2 days and I still am not able to. I changed my password and still I am having issues.

    2023-4-15 07:28 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • help i cant download

    3 Replies - 26 Visit

    Cottontail and Whiskers - Bea King - Blue Caterpillar (Source: this pattern i cant download it stays in the Loading ...

    2023-4-15 03:04 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Download problems

    14 Replies - 402 Visit

    I cant download patterns. Is it a problem from/on the site?

    2023-4-13 04:48 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Download is Loading, Loading, Loading

    1 Replies - 151 Visit

    Up until 3 days ago, all was fine, I could download the patterns I wanted, usually 3-5 at a time. Now I can download 1, the next pattern I go to download - just says; loading and nothing happens. Did ...

    2023-4-14 13:17 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • need help - can not download

    3 Replies - 131 Visit

    Hello, I need help - since three days I can not download any pattern. I click on the link - an icon is shown with downloading and that is all. No download is starting. What do I make wrong? It wor ...

    2023-4-14 18:06 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Download problems.

    21 Replies - 390 Visit

    I can download with Firefox browser.

    2023-4-13 02:28 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Download not working

    12 Replies - 268 Visit

    I downloaded two charts and the coins were duducted, but neither item downloaded. Is there anyway to get the coins back when this happens? Thanks for any help.

    2023-4-5 10:39 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Unable to download

    1 Replies - 121 Visit

    Hello, could i ask a quick question please I want to purchase this book but I am unable to open download, now I thought it was because it was waiting on approval from moderators but I'm now questionin ...

    2023-4-4 17:26 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • delete downloads

    3 Replies - 255 Visit

    Hi! i would like to ask you a question if anyone knows please... when we registerit says to delete files within 24 hours after we download them. my question is: do we have to delete them from the comp ...

    2023-3-14 10:56 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Can't seem to download any attachments from the entire website.

    8 Replies - 209 Visit

    Anyone know what's going on? I get the forever loading icon whenever I want to download something. Yes, I do have enough coins/gold.

    2023-3-14 00:18 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • delete downloads

    2 Replies - 155 Visit

    Hi! i would like to ask you a question if anyone knows please... when we registerit says to delete files within 24 hours after we download them. my question is: do we have to delete them from the comp ...

    2023-3-14 10:56 - Anonymous - Recycled

  • Download problem

    3 Replies - 45 Visit

    Can`t download anything since yesterday. Does anybody have same problems?

    2023-2-25 01:16 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Download several files at the same time?

    5 Replies - 58 Visit

    Some patterns, such as journals, consist of several parts. Is it possible to download them at the same time? Or do I have to load all parts individually? Thank you. Greetings from Tinka

    2023-2-8 18:57 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Help - cant download patterns

    14 Replies - 133 Visit

    Hi I'm new here and I'm trying to figure out how to download patterns. I paid the gold coins but when I click on the link it opens a new tab that closes itself after a second, but the downloading does ...

    2022-12-16 15:39 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • I bought and paid two patterns that would not download!

    4 Replies - 51 Visit

    Please help. The gold coins have been sustracted when buying CAROcreated Design - Carola Herbst - Doll Smilla - Spanishbut when I try to download it, the page blinks for a moment (goes white and comes ...

    2022-12-19 09:21 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Why "Sorry, only specified members can download attachments"?

    1 Replies - 104 Visit

    I get that message when trying to buy CaroCreated - Carola Herbst - Doll Joya - Spanish Is that because I am lvl 0? Today is not my day! Please help me understand.

    2022-12-19 09:28 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Inquiry on accidental download

    8 Replies - 239 Visit

    Hello, I'd just like to inquire. I was downloading a pattern and I only clicked the attachment with the english pattern, but somehow it also mistook me for clicking the other language pattern and took ...

    2022-10-15 13:18 - SABelle - Recycled-Checked

  • Problem with a pattern download

    2 Replies - 131 Visit

    I recently downloaded a pattern which had 2 rar attachments to buy. Both rar's are the same and the pattern is a mess starts at row 60. How do we report this for future reference ? Thank you

    2022-10-27 17:46 - marysaknit - Recycled-Checked

  • Cascade Yarns, Fixation W106 Baby Bathing Beauty Download Pattern - Free

    3 Replies - 29 Visit

    Cascade Yarns, Fixation W106 Baby Bathing Beauty Download Pattern - Free

    2022-10-12 13:14 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

  • Earn Coins to download patterns

    5 Replies - 1015 Visit

    Hello there I am a new member and would love to download a pattern. It says I have no coin and cannot download l, please how do I earn coins

    2019-6-10 16:03 - Anonymous - Recycled-Checked

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