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goksel 2014-6-5 16:57
Arwenlrp: thanks, I changed the configuration :D:D:D
I will test... I will send a pm now
goksel 2014-6-5 16:19
Hi Arwenlrp;

I will sent some pictures for take Private messages... Please follow the steps...
goksel 2014-6-3 18:03
I can not send PM... But I deleted your bounty post as your request:)
Bleu 2014-5-8 14:18
Please unblock Moderator Messages
Cristina 2013-12-8 02:35
I can not send PM to Member-Arwenlrp
Unlocking PM please, your graphics will be excluded in Moderation
Diamondis 2013-10-23 04:25
That would be great. I love the motive of Lansvit :) my email [email protected]
thank you. Greetings Janett
Diamondis 2013-10-21 22:01
hello i buy this pic LanSvit Fata delle rose with my gold coins but i cant load this on my pc. why not? :( I can see it on my point list an buy list  greetings Janett
tani211 2013-5-27 05:45
oldwoman 2013-3-25 09:07
Can you please fix Wedding Carriage 2715, it has problem. We can not get chart
I_Love_Disney 2013-3-9 01:31
I've been having problems with your Pattern Design Works Wedding Carriage 2715, The Wedding.part1 file is corrupt, I have tried downloading it now 3 times, must have be a problem where file has gone corrupt over time as no one else has complained. Could you please download the files again your self (You should not get charged, as it was you file uploaded) and see if they will unzip for you.. Thanks
goksel 2012-5-29 03:13
Arwenlrp: Muchas gracias por tus valoraciones :D:D
You are great stitcher... I Love your works...
yang 2012-5-28 03:36
Arwenlrp: Gracias por tu puntuación :D
esto es normal, especialmente en lo que usted comparte con nosotros un montón y creo que este premio    
muchas gracias
Jack 2011-12-23 05:18
oh my...your works are STUNNING Arwen!!! I can't choose my favourite one, they're beautiful, you're a great stitcher  
absntmindedme 2011-12-22 21:14
Arwenlrp: Ask me for the photo of the couple? it's Dome design ( Romantic love)
Thank You!!   I love it!!
anthonyedwards 2011-12-22 08:58
Beautiful work!!!  Who is the designer?  I may have to have that one!!!
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