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So Happy 2015-02-08
I am so happy here, I'm really glad I found this site:)  I cannot wait to buy/share patterns and look at what others have to say and to post.
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My first Blog 2015-02-08
Hi, This is my first blog on your site:)   I'm getting the hang of the site (I think), I'm just trying to find out where everything is and h ...
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spooky_lady 2015-2-10 08:37
sundrop016: if you need, let me know please.  I built up a nice stash.
You work fast!     I'll keep it in mind. Glad the site is working well for you! :)
spooky_lady 2015-2-10 08:26
sundrop016: how many coins do you need? I have coins now.
Oh no!  I'm really fine. I just burned through more today than I expected to.  :)
sundrop016 2015-2-10 02:32
what's your name there? Watch out for Grandmother!
ALVAR 2015-2-10 01:47
Not in this forum is not widely used wall

I am also where you know. but there my name is different

spooky_lady 2015-2-10 01:38
sundrop016: I can't PM yet.  I left behind a lot of diamonds:)
Oh!  Heh! Sorry about that!
Luvs2Craft 2015-2-10 01:20
Very nice!  Hey Sundrop - It's AnaK!  
ALVAR 2015-2-10 00:54
Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sundrop016 2015-2-9 22:02
It seems to be very quiet here.
LucyLocket 2015-2-9 19:35
there are a lot of us here from you know where......!
butterweed 2015-2-9 03:28
Hi Rae
Robin here. My user ID here at pindiy is butterweed.
spooky_lady 2015-2-9 02:24
sundrop016: Dusti....I should have known, LOL.  Thanks for the coins:)
Hee hee!  Glad to help a little! :)
spooky_lady 2015-2-9 01:34
sundrop016: thank you for the gold coins
You're very welcome!  Go buy yourself something awesome.  
spooky_lady 2015-2-9 01:15
Glad to see  you here! :)
RachelBiser 2015-2-8 07:38
sundrop016: Thank you for the Gold Coin:)
You're very welcome!  :)
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