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Forum Rules and Regulations.

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Post time: 2012-11-6 21:58
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Welcome Introduction:- (Admin)

Pindiy.com is a professional and famous handwork/hobbie forum from China.We offer a platform to share variety of  hobbie patterns and knowledge on handcrafts for members from all over the world, a place enjoy . Hobbie Enthusiasts from all over the world take advantage of resources to learn how to improve the handcraft experience. We also offer a freely communication platform for members to exchange their own hobbie skills and experiences. Our highlight is repainted patterns.
Pindiy is for the best in all handcraft hobbies.




Obey Staff
Keep posts on topic, and in English (use a translator if necessary)
Be nice to other members
Keep things tame


Please read - because the short version really doesn't explain board etiquette and other details about what's expected on site, and sometimes it needs to be spelled out.

1. Obey Staff at All Times: If a moderator or administrator tells you something, then do it. Be that removing yourself from a thread, changing a sig, or to get lost and never come back. We do not try to be mean or heavy-handed here (just the opposite) but staff does have complete discretion to enforce the rules as written, and things that may come up beyond the rules. If staff says black is white, it's white.

2. No spam. That means no threads inciting flames, no mindless chatter, and no advertising your site/myspace page/whatever anywhere on the site except in your own signature, profile, or journal.

3. No Double Posting. Use the search function - it looks like a little blue rounded button that says Search... Rather like this actually:

Reading several posts in a row by the same author is extremely annoying. If someone has not replied since you and you have something to add or change in your original post after you've hit reply, use edit.

4. Intelligent Typing: No typing posts in Typing Like A Headline or tyPinG lIkE yOu tHinK tHiS lOokS cOoL. Do not use excessive punctuation marks - one or two exclamation points will do - you don't need to end sentences like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do NOT type in l33tspeak, or use excessive abbreviations. For example: "um is ther ne way that i cud download a file cuz i cant use ne thing cud sum1 tel me wer 2 get it thx" is NOT acceptable.

5. Post in English: While we understand that many users are not native English speakers and may not have perfect English skills, we do require that you at least try to post in English (we will be patient with you if you're a little hard to understand, don't worry!). If you post something in a different language then a translation alongside it is required. Most of the staff only read English text so therefore we cannot moderate posts that are not written in English.

6. Do Not Bump Threads: Do not post to an old thread just to bump it up to the top of the forum if you have nothing new to add, or to get it more visible (especially if it's your thread!) Don't resurrect old threads unless your comments are relevant and would be seen as a important addition to a thread. Continuing on a conversation dropped months ago is not a good idea - check dates.

7. No posts regarding: copyright, piracy or anything relating to such activites. Posts are monitored for such content, with an instant ban from the forum.

We do not care what you think the laws are like in your country regarding any/all of the above. The rules on CHCsay you get banned if you talk about any of the above.

Consider it fair warning not to test the boundaries, or intent, of these rules... even in jest.

Bans associated with the violation of these rules are considered permanent. Such bans may be lifted at the sole discretion of the administrators of this forum and only after it is clear there has been a change in the banned member’s attitude. If posting privileges are restored the first post to the community will be an apology. Whining or threatening staff due to bans will obviously not be met with any kind of positive response.

It should go without saying but Private Messaging (PMing) someone thinking it will not be applicable under these rules is NOT true. Do not use this site for any of the above mentioned items under any circumstances (including private messages) or you can and will be banned.

8. Do not drag threads off-topic - Stay on the topic of the thread at hand. If you have a question about their avatar or want to know where the quote in their signature is from, PM them. If a related but different topic is brought up in a thread but continuing it is not on the topic of the original thread, start a new one.

9. No Blind Links - Do not post a thread and have the only content of the first post a link to a website with no explanation text. Tell people where they're going and why they should bother clicking.

10. Profanity: While profanity is not censored and is allowed on these forums, you are expected to use it sparingly, and not in an insulting or intentionally offensive manner. If you can substitute another word that isn't profanity, do so. Excessive use of profanity may be edited - intentionally offensive use of profanity may be warned.

11. Multi-Posting: Do not post the same thread in more than one forum - choose the most appropriate forum for your topic and post it once only. In addition, creating a thread in one forum for the sole purpose of advertising a thread in another forum is not permitted.

12. Duplicate Posting: Do not start a new thread in a forum if an existing active thread already exists on the topic. Post to the existing one and only start a new thread if the subject matter differs from the original thread.

13. Quoting People: Please try to use the quote tag sparingly - the use of it to pick apart someone's argument line by line not only is horrible to read in a thread, but it's just not classy and is usually only used to ridicule or degrade the original poster. Use of bold or italic can be used instead, and remember you can say "where you said suchandsuch, I think..." without directly quoting. Do not use it to bully or harass people or be rude in responding to their arguments. Do not use it to simply post "I agree," or suchlike. Remember, you don't need to quote the entirety of someone's long post - only the relevant parts. And if you're quoting something posted elsewhere (i.e. not in that thread) remember to provide a link, too.

14. No Jackassery: These should go without saying but... You may not use this forum to post threats, insults, personal information, libel, slander, or drama-generating idiocy about anyone - other members or staff.

15. If you see something that breaks the rules on site:- Use the Report Tab »  - Only use it if it breaks site rules that require the immediate attention of a moderator, such as warez, flaming, spam, stolen stuff, etc. Do not post anything in the thread, that only leaves more of a mess for the moderators to deal with. If you post nasty stuff on site (justified or not), you might find yourself also being warned. The Report Tab alerts the staff, and usually someone will come promptly to see what the problem is and take care of it.

16. Read rule one again. It's the most important rule here.

If you don't like these rules, the way they're enforced, or how this forum is run:

Too bad. This is a privately owned and operated forum. You are welcome to be a member of this forum and enjoy its discussions freely as long as you follow the rules above and any instructions given to you by site staff. If you do not wish to do so, then please go elsewhere. There are thousands of other forums online, and you can even make your own on plenty of free forum sites if you want to run things differently.

Thank you.
What to do if you have a problem:-

If you encounter following errors, you can complain and get your gold coin reimbursement upon our check.

  • Not in full edition of scanned patterns you download.
  • The subject of scanned patterns does not match with the attachments.
  • Attachment of repaint patterns is wrong in content,such as unfinished repaint patterns.... (Please use related software to open repaint patterns and we are not responsible for open issues.)
  • Attachment of repaint patterns only scanned patterns in.
  • Not in full edition of magazine series
If you encounter such errors, please tell us in Report of Informal Posts & Replies


We are sorry to inform all of our users the break reason while downloading cannot get gold coin reimbusement because it is not under our control. And some countries may have certain internet speed break reasons. Please be understanding.

P.S.: You should download the patterns or magazines with "rate" signal because they are more reliable to download.

We will punish those who have malicious complaint on gold coin reimbursement or claim rumor and 100 gold coins penalty.


JULY 2009


Personal Messages:-

Sending PMs (Personal Messages) can be a great way to communicate with people privately. (If you are not familiar with what a PM is, it is kind of like an email, but something that you send and receive here on this site.)

Unfortunately, some members have abused the PM system. So the following guidelines have been drafted to prevent further misuse:

1) Do not use the PM system to insult, intimidate, or otherwise harass other members.

2) Do not threaten other members.

3) Do not solicit other members to send you files of any kind. Asking someone to send you game content that they paid for at another site is no different than asking them to shoplift from a store for you. DO NOT SOLICIT FILES.

4) Do not spam people with advertisements of any kind.

5) If you have a technical question to ask of a modder, ask it in the forums. CHCROSSSTITCH is all about collaboration between members, and having your question asked and answered in a public place helps a lot more people and helps our community grow.

Failure to follow the listed guidelines can result in the removal of your PM privileges or even in the banning of your account.

All members who receive PMs that violate the above conditions are encouraged to report the matter to a moderator or administrator.

P.S:- For your own safety---This is a public forum and as such when you post in a thread it can be seen by anyone all over the world. Unfortunately we live in a time where not everyone out there is a nice person so PLEASE do not post your personal e-mail addresses in a thread.
You can get a PM or in your profile set up you can have a link to your personal e-mail. This then means that you have to be a member of the forum to access this information. It is a small step and of course not fool proof but it is a step to protect your identity.

Avatar Rules:-

While we encourage people to personalise thier profiles with an avatar, we do have some rules regarding them:

- No adult content/sexual avatars.  
  If you are found to have an adult content/sexual avatar you will* warned severly.

- No rapidly flashing avatars. They just hurt the eyes, Understand?

- No external website address or links in avatar.

- No commercial information in your avatar.

Creating Accounts:-

1. One account per Member, if a member is found to have more than one account, that member may have all his accounts deleted from the database and have his IP blocked.

2. All accounts are subject to the other rules posted in this forum. Anybody found posting warez or admitting to downloading illegal copies of software will be banned immediately from this server with no warnings given.

3. No vulgar or adult orientated nicks are allowed. This site is visited by teens and younger uses and your nickname is visible to all. Any such nicknames found may be subject to deletion.

How to Create multiple Rar Files:-
Place all your files in a folder (usually on your desktop) and continue with the following:-

Locate the magazine folder, right-click and choose  "Add to Archive..."

Set the parameter like this

A. Make a representative name of your file. such as "Bulgarian magazine 09.03" or "DMC teddy bear".
B. We recommend you choose Compression Method to "Best" mode. This will be the best file compression, which is generated by the smallest package but more conducive to upload.
C. Set up a single package at the maximum volume compression 5120000 (= 5.12MB). Then you can generate each volume =< 5.12MB.
Click " Yes" for starting compressing.

You can see the whole file is compressed into 7 packages .

Choose "Batch Upload" to upload 7 packs of your magazine in the relevant section.

P.S.: If the net speed is not favourable, please upload your magazines 2-3 packages each time and edit repeatedly to get full upload.

The same way to compress and upload scanned patterns and repaint patterns.

Thanks for your attention!



Placing a coin value on your Attachments:-

1) Notice (Admin):-

We allow Members in CHCORSS to sell extra gold coins freely at the rate of 10% between members. Members can make advertisement in their own personal signature, e.g., “100 gold coins = 1 USD, for sale”. New posts or replies regarding gold coin sales will be deleted.


Before        Now
900 Gold
9000 Gold
  0 Gold
50 Gold
10 Gold
100 Gold
20 Gold
200 Gold
30 Gold
300 Gold
40 Gold
400 Gold
50 Gold
500 Gold

3) ID Theft Alert - notice from Admin:- The only evidence is the email, the only measure is to set a complex password and security questions.


When someone visits this page from a link you share, you will be rewarded

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Post time: 2017-11-26 06:38
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Edited by anniekins at 2021-7-8 06:49

I have just seen these rules, and I really agreed to all of them.

My wife has a login too, and we use them separatelly because we have different kind of work, although there are about crochet.

My wife is not able to login anymore. Is that because we use the same computer?

Please, if it is so, I would like to resign for her. She needs the site more than I do. What can we do about? she has a lot of favorite threads and she alrealy is on diy1.

Tell us what to do.

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Use magic Report

Post time: 2013-7-20 13:30
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I don't know how I missed this when I first started but this post just made me LOVE this place even more! You guys seriously rock! I appreciate everything you are doing...just wanted to show my appreciation for all of you! THANK YOU! :loveliness:


Omg injust tried to support your poste and hit the not support and I just had to apologize and I can't seem to fix it but just to clarify I support your post and agree completely  Details Reply Post time 2024-2-17 23:36
ty  Post time 2022-9-17 01:43
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Post time: 2024-2-17 23:36
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Reptilegirl27 2013-7-19 21:30
I don't know how I missed this when I first started but this post just made me LOVE this place even  ...

Omg injust tried to support your poste and hit the not support and I just had to apologize and I can't seem to fix it but just to clarify I support your post and agree completely
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Post time: 2016-11-21 06:17
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Thank you so much for this information.
Yesterday I met your forum and I am trying to interact as best as possible.
I do not know the operation of the forum well, I understand it little by little, I'm glad I found this information.
Thank you very much again.
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Post time: 2022-7-21 19:55
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Bonjour merci pour les informations. Doit on être créateur pour déposer un tuto au crochet ou tout le monde peut déposer un tuto acheté ? La plupart des tutos que je regarde atteignent les sommes dépassant les 100 pièces d'or, est ce autorisé ? Merci
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Post time: 2022-9-2 00:53
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I am having trouble finding information about user groups.  I have not been able to see some posts because I am in the wrong group.  Does anyone have any insight?  Thanks.
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Post time: 2023-8-23 00:41
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There are my patterns on your forum, which are protected by copyright. I do not allow them to be published! Someone stole them and put them on your site. Please tell me what should I do in this case.
Thank you.
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Post time: 2019-8-7 04:29
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Thanks for clarify all the rules but iy might be a topic that I don't find an answer: How can I request for a pattern and how to reward the member who answer your request, if you explain this for clarification.
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Post time: 2016-11-30 01:19
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thank you for the information.  i am new member but have never been part of this type of forum so there is lots to learn.  please be patient as i try to find my footing. :)
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Post time: 2013-3-5 19:14
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Ok, esntendido hasta aqui!
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Post time: 2013-3-31 04:09
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Thanks for the info!
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Post time: 2013-4-13 10:40
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informacion uti, muchas gracias por ella!
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Post time: 2013-4-18 08:29
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Thanks for the info.
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Post time: 2013-5-3 01:37
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The info is very useful. Thank you.
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Post time: 2013-5-22 11:47
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Post time: 2013-5-23 18:13
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The welcoming introduction is very helpful, i dont want to get banned first day i joined.:P
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Post time: 2013-7-16 04:30
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very good information, thanks.
still can't located information about lv. anyone can help ?
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